Spring and Cleaning Go Hand in Hand

Every season is a gift, but there is something about spring…it makes me feel all giddy inside. Everything seems so new in the spring; new flowers bloom, new baby animals are born, and we can’t forget the smell of fresh cut green grass! As the days get longer and warmer it gives me a sense of freedom, from being cooped up all winter. Then there is the accomplished feeling of spring cleaning! Oh how I love a freshly cleaned house. Something as simple as washing the windows in your home or the glass in your china hutch brightens a room. I use a small amount of dish soap, white vinegar and hot water to wash my windows and glass. It works like a charm leaving it streak free! Be sure to use a soft cloth to dry after washing with the water, soap, and vinegar concoction. I was so surprised how dull the glass can get from just sitting in a room. Another thing I love about spring is that it is a good time to get rid of all my old junk and minimizing clutter. Refreshing a room can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or a new arrangement on your dining room table. Even the scent of burning a new candle can add interest to a room.  I have found that making small changes can make a world of difference!