People With A Passion Create Masterpieces

Seeing our furniture for the first time is a great experience. Customers say: “I love the feel of the REAL wood.” Or, “ah, it smells so good in here.”

Amish Crafted Furniture loves visiting the builders shops in Indiana. Seeing where they actually MAKE the furniture is incredible. It is an experience getting to watch them in action. Also, to see all of the raw wood that is still untouched is fascinating. Furthermore, the most exciting thing is getting to see that untouched piece of wood become an extraordinary dining room table or a luxurious bedroom set. As you can see it is true artisan, in action; a work of art!

Another neat aspect of our business is the stories behind each craftsman. Generally, their businesses are family owned and passed down through the generations. They have bones, heart, and a whole lot of sweat I’m sure! Here is the story of one of our dining chair builders:

“Brothers Richard and Henry Yoder grew up watching their father work in his carriage building business. Dreaming of the day when they could work with their hands next to their father. When their father passed away while they were still young boys, they decided to honor their father’s legacy by becoming craftsmen themselves.

They began by building furniture and cabinetry in their mother’s home in 2001. Apprenticing under an experienced craftsman named Floyd Miller. Producing a line of five different chair styles. As their business and expertise grew they expanded into a slightly larger facility. Now they have a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility on Richard’s property. Which is the current home of R.H. Yoder Woodworking.

From the humble beginnings of two young boys admiring their father’s work, two brothers have fulfilled their dream. They are now dedicated business owners, employing a team of craftsmen, and producing a full line of more than 70 different chair styles.

Their care and attention to detail shows in every piece of furniture they produce. After all, our customers deserve nothing less.”  

Amish Crafted Furniture is made with care and dedication. Our furniture is something that you will be able to create stories and memories of your own around. Therefor, making it something you can pass down from generation to generation.

Future craftsman!