Everyday should be Mother’s Day

Matriarch of the Yoder family

A verse for all mothers

Mother: noun- A woman in relation to her child or children; verb- Bring up a (child) with care and affection.

Mother, mom, momma, mommy, these are all names that are packed with meaning.

To be called “mom” is a gift. As Mother’s Day approaches it gives reason to reflect on all the wonderful women in our lives who have made an impact. A mom nurtures, and guides us. She is a beacon of light in an ever scary world. Moms tend to know how to make everything “okay” even when things are clearly NOT “okay”. She is a know all and a do all, when you can’t find your shoe she magically makes it appear again. Somehow a mom manages to keep a clean home (most of the time), get her chicks where they need to be (in a somewhat timely fashion), some even hold down full time jobs all while making sure their children have food on the table, and a warm bed to crawl into at night.

How do they do all of this and still manage to be functioning members of society? I happen to think they are super heroes! Moms are special creatures; they have instincts and sixth senses! They know when something isn’t right with their little one. You know what is even more magnificent? This is exactly how God designed them! He made each mother with the ability to care for her child precisely how they need. I am not yet a mom myself but I hear it is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs in the world! I also hear it gives us a little insight on just how deeply and unconditionally our Father loves us! How awesome is that?

So if you are a mother, pat yourself on the back, you’re our heroes!

Thanks to all the women who dedicate their lives to being an example to their children. We owe you for all the hard work you put in to create humans, who can then return the favor and be a light in a scary world for others. Thank you for providing a home, and safe place to land. Most of all THANK YOU for your unconditional love; Lord knows we would be lost without it!

Hats off to all the Mothers, moms, mommas, and mommies, in this great big world, you are what keeps it turning!!

Matriarch of the Yoder family
She is: daughter, mother, grandmother, & great grandmother; She is the Matriarch of the Yoder family.