A Father’s Legacy; A Letter of Thanks

Son, Father, Grandfather, GREAT Grandfather, and soon to be GREAT GREAT Grandfather!

Fatherhood, one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs a man has the privilege to obtain. Whether the job is raising someone else’s children, or bringing up your own, it is a responsibility unlike any other. Of my adult life, nothing has taught me more about being a man than raising two daughters. I know they would not be the same without the wise counsel I received from the men in my life.

 When my grandfather, Ora was a young man, he decided to go into the cattle business. Ora, or as his grandchildren call him “Pappy” found great success in his cattle business throughout the years. He based his business dealings on the words of wisdom his father gave him before starting the company; “son, it’s hard to be a cattle trader and stay honest.” Pappy, never being the type to take the easy road to get a dollar, carried his father’s words with him. He knew that in order to keep his integrity and values he had to stay honest. When my father went into business with Pappy, he went in with these same values.

 Instilling the values of honesty and integrity in our children are some of the hard things that come along with being a father. You don’t take the easy road because giving up the hard things is giving up what makes you who you are. Although more difficult, carrying the lantern of integrity is a reward greater than silver or gold that allows us to witness our children grow up with the purpose to separate themselves from a dark world. They make you proud that you listened to your elders.

Amish Crafted Furniture is built on a foundation older than any piece of furniture our craftsmen have built. We stand firm on the belief that our integrity is our legacy. My brother Shawn and I have joined the business knowing it will be a road more difficult than others. We hope to make our father and grandfather proud.

Thank you Pappy for passing down your character to my brothers and I. Thank you Dad for the wisdom I have to pass down to my children.


Written by: Nick Yoder- Grandson, Son, and Father. Happy Father’s Day.