Customize Your Furniture to Fit Your Home

Have you ever wanted to create a certain look in your home but when you go to purchase furniture for the space you can’t seem to find what you are looking for? Well good news! At Amish Crafted Furniture you hold the reins in creating EXACTLY what you want! Below is a testimonial that Mary Yoder shared with me in creating her dream kitchen and dining room. She is one of the owners of Amish Crafted Furniture and it was so sweet of her to share her space with us! We hope this will be informative and help in understanding just how broad the opportunities are, should you choose to purchase your furniture from us! The styles, wood types, and colors are almost endless! You literally get to create the look YOU want!

Mary and her husband Dale recently built their dream home. Mary had the perfect vision in mind down to the smallest details. She researched different styles and found much of her inspiration online for her dining room and kitchen. After seeing a plethora of different styles she liked, Mary fell in love with the rustic chic farmhouse style. Below are pictures and details of her beautiful spaces!


 Mary chose the frontier table, which has a transitional base, the base has an X-shaped pedestal which allows her to place chairs comfortably around it eliminating any barriers.

Dale and Mary loved the heavy 1-3/8” top, but didn’t want the plank top so she went with a heavy distressed, burnished finish, on a golden brown stain with a rustic cherry wood.


Mary chose the Sheridan chairs to give a more elegant look and soften the feel of the room. Under the custom slip covers she had a clean white fabric chair but with 8 grandchildren and lots of family gatherings she needed to put something over them to protect the fabric. (This was before Amish Crafted Furniture offered a stain resistant fabric!) The table has three leaves in which one is capable of being stored inside the table. The other two are stored inside the leaf storage hutch behind the table (we will get to that in a moment). With all three leaves inside, the table reaches 10 feet in length. She also had the frontier bench made for when she does extend the table to entertain a large gathering.



For the hutch/storage leaf cabinet she loved Amish Crafted Furniture’s Cheyenne Hutch. However, it was too large for the space she wanted to put it in. That is where our customization options are superior. She was able to customize the complete size, allowing her to make the width and depth of the hutch more narrow so it would not cover any of her window space. Mary also made it taller when she added the small drawer boxes in between the hutch and storage cabinet. She gathered this inspiration for the small drawer boxes from Amish Crafted’s Sherwood hutch. These small boxes are great for storing napkins or silverware. This was also finished in golden brown stain with burnishing on the edges and a rustic cherry wood.

The touch lighting is also a great standard feature in our hutches!

Normally a leaf storage cabinet would allow the leaves to be stored lying flat with shelves for each leaf but because her hutch was more narrow in depth she stores them on their side and it still serves its purpose all the same!

 Mary’s kitchen island was also made by our builders at Amish Crafted Furniture and she customized this as well. She needed something to divide her kitchen from living room with her open floor plan.

 Brown Maple is the wood Mary chose and then she had it painted a fresh white color. She loved the bead board look so she incorporated that into the sides and back of the island.

She drew the corbels she wanted, (the size and shape) and the builder designed the perfect look.

 Mary wanted some drawer space so she had four drawers added but, what I LOVE about this island is the shelf space for her cookbooks! How handy is that to be able to see your cookbooks and not have to dig through your drawers to try and find the one you are looking for. She also had a slide out three-can recycling bin built into her island. This island is also capable of being moved so she can take this with her should she ever want to move.

The bar stools are the Somerset style and are also Brown Maple with a golden brown stain, distressing and burnished.