Aint No Cure for the Summer Time Blues…

Here it is the middle of July; it’s hot, in Oklahoma it’s MUGGY. The grass and my beautiful flowers I planted in the spring are now turning to a crispy color of brown. The sun seems to be so bright it could singe your skin off if you’re out in it for more than 5… Read Full Article

Customize Your Furniture to Fit Your Home

Have you ever wanted to create a certain look in your home but when you go to purchase furniture for the space you can’t seem to find what you are looking for? Well good news! At Amish Crafted Furniture you hold the reins in creating EXACTLY what you want! Below is a testimonial that Mary… Read Full Article

A Father’s Legacy; A Letter of Thanks

Fatherhood, one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs a man has the privilege to obtain. Whether the job is raising someone else’s children, or bringing up your own, it is a responsibility unlike any other. Of my adult life, nothing has taught me more about being a man than raising two daughters. I know… Read Full Article

Everyday should be Mother’s Day

Matriarch of the Yoder family

Mother: noun- A woman in relation to her child or children; verb- Bring up a (child) with care and affection. Mother, mom, momma, mommy, these are all names that are packed with meaning. To be called “mom” is a gift. As Mother’s Day approaches it gives reason to reflect on all the wonderful women in… Read Full Article

People With A Passion Create Masterpieces

Seeing our furniture for the first time is a great experience. Customers say: “I love the feel of the REAL wood.” Or, “ah, it smells so good in here.” Amish Crafted Furniture loves visiting the builders shops in Indiana. Seeing where they actually MAKE the furniture is incredible. It is an experience getting to watch them in action…. Read Full Article

Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association

Every year Amish Crafted Furniture makes a trip to Northern Indiana to the NIWA (Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association) Expo. This is an exciting event because all of the different builders come together for a two day show to display their new styles and designs. After we visit each craftsman’s booth and see what they have to… Read Full Article

Cows are Cute, Unless They are Chasing You

“Let’s take pictures of the cows she said…it’ll be fun she said…” Dale grew up on a ranch. He has been around cattle for most of his life, and he loves them. He has delved into many different business ventures in his life but cattle have always been his passion. His father was a cattle… Read Full Article

Roots to Branches

“Growth” it’s such a big word (no pun intended). We want our children to grow, we want our faith to grow, we want relationships to grow…and we go into business with aspirations for it to grow. Growing is simply a part of life; Amish Crafted Furniture started as a small furniture store in Chouteau Oklahoma… Read Full Article