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Amish craftsmanship techniques

Amish Craftsmanship is set apart by using building techniques like mortise and tenon construction, which is an old world building technique. All of the amish craftsmen that we choose use full extension soft close drawer glides. Our Amish craftsmen only use quality hardwoods to make our furniture, which adds such strength and durability to the furniture. We have a large Amish furniture showroom in Tulsa Oklahoma that is filled with this beautiful hand-crafted Amish furniture that you can touch and experience first-hand the luxurious feel of the finish. Find out more about our showroom here

The Amish craftsmen that we work with will use power generated tools and seemingly modern equipment that some might think are not allowed. We are glad for that because of the high demand for this high quality Amish furniture. Power tools and machinery  have been added to their shops to shorten the lead time on making furniture, but it still usually takes 10 to 12 weeks to make a custom piece of furniture. We always say, ” There are no shortcuts to making a quality product.” While adding modern building tools helps shorten the lead time, a large part of the hand labor cannot be replaced by machines.

Our relationship with our builders

We work very closely with the Amish craftsmen. We have toured the home- based shops of our craftsmen. We work with Amish Craftsmen who are mostly from northern Indiana and we love to work with them because of their integrity with their work as well as in their relationships.We admire how the Amish craftsmen take such great pride in what they do, working hard with their hands. Every year we invite several of our craftsmen to spend a few days at our showroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. this is a great opportunity for our clients to visit with the builders of their furniture and to get consultation on custom furniture. This event is called “Meet The Craftsman.”

An Amish tradition

Amish Craftsmen will usually either start out working for their parents or family member. The home-based business  will then be passed down to the next generation.  Their woodworking shops are usually built at the family homestead, starting out as small shops and growing larger through the years.To find out more about Amish craftsmanship, visit the Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association website.

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