Ah the home office. That room in the house that calls from down the hall, “come get back to woooork.”

The home office is a blessing and a curse. If you have a home office than obviously you get time (or have the obligation) to work from home. You can walk to the kitchen and avoid pushing aside fellow employee leftovers to get to your day old meat loaf. On the flip side, you can’t order in your favorite take-out without getting in trouble by your spouse. You can kiss your babies when they get home from school but hopefully your office has a door. Kids, or at least my kids GET LOUD.

I know many people, like my wife, work from a laptop on the couch while watching “The Office”. But for the fax sending, document printing, conference caller; there’s a work space. A home office work space is a physical representation of the worker.

An Executive Desk means there will inevitably be someone sitting across from the desk owner. Looking across a meticulously placed surface of important ornaments, documents, and tools. There isn’t a lot of space for random papers, only the essentials. The person means business. Not the business for others but the type of business that requires self managing and self motivations. These offices are typically not decorated in the gaudy cheap. Desks are made from Quarter Sawn White Oak, and diplomas hang on the wall. A credenza sits behind the desk, built to match. Every important document is a chair spin away organized in manila envelopes. The father that uses this office has children that know when that door’s shut, you wait till it gets opened.

The L-Shaped desk on the other hand tells a different story. When you’re at the desk, you’re locked in. Everything needed in your work is at arms length away. This is the home office accountant’s dream. Both desk-top computer screen and laptop open and rarely at idle. This is the desk where a husband or wife asks their spouse where the fingernail clippers are and the reply is, “In the desk, on the right side, second drawer”. It’s a built for surface space. This is the desk that is made of a wood that doesn’t break the bank but serves it’s purpose. Say, Red Oak; it’s  hard enough that you won’t indent it with a ball point pen and less expensive for the budget minded.

What does your desk say about you?

Share your home office pictures.