The homestead is the family farm first purchased after the dissolving of Yoder Cattle Company Limited. My father bought the small house and land to run cattle and keep my brothers and I entertained by exploring every inch. We outgrew the house so my parents put an upstairs on allowing us boys to have our own rooms. After starting Amish Crafted Furniture, they were blessed enough to be able to fill it with their favorite furniture and even had some custom pieces made. Here are their first purchases…

Dining Room (first version)

My dear mom used a veneer table for so long before she got her dream dining set which truly speaks to her sacrificial nature over her love for providing our dining. Her design spurred a complete movement of Amish Furniture design. She took what was more of a Craftsman look and made a Rustic, Modern, Farmhouse Set by having the Frontier Table and Manitoba Bench built in Rustic Cherry with Golden Brown stain then had it Burnished, Heavily Distressed, and Hand Planed. Now we carry this set in stores and our finish shop offers this combination as a specialty finish. Only my mom with her skills can cook up something so good! Next to the table sat an Aspen Buffet in Quartersawn Oak with Burnished, Michael’s Cherry stain.


I know what you’re thinking, and yes, the schtup or living room was as cozy as it looks. The original 1950s living room holds the memories tight in the original oak hardwood floors built by my great uncle Andy. Mom and dad had the perfect style to compliment the style of the farmhouse. The wood theme was Quartersawn White oak stained in Michael’s Cherry and padded with Bomber Brown leather. Dad’s Heartland Slat Recliner was always being used and sometimes fought over but always given up to pops. The craftsmanship was put to the test when our wrestling sent us backwards past reclining position and onto the floor time and time again. Next to it sat a magazine rack that always held dad’s large glass of water with no coaster. Two Skyline Slat Loveseat Recliners sat across from one another that I slept on after my early morning milking’s at Charlie Coblentz’s dairy farm. One of Herman Miller’s Innovative Concepts electric fire place’s gave warmth during winter and a warm glow every other night of the year. A Springhill corner TV stand still sits in the corner today but instead of my brothers and I fighting for the remote, it’s in my brother Shawn’s hands. I guess you could say he won! My parents still have the Round Landmark Coffee Table in their new house and it still looks brand new. Between the fireplace and one of the loveseats sat a McCoy Rocker that I used to rock my daughter.

The Kitchen

I love this one! Mom had an island built completely custom from one of our builders complete with barrel bar stools. I don’t have many pictures of this piece but this one is a couple days before my wedding day to the cute blond sitting on top. This Kitchen saw many wedding preparations and i’m sure many more to come. My sister, two brothers and I all had our weddings here at the Homestead and why wouldn’t we? My parents made it a goal to build a family environment and it would only make sense that we add to the Yoder family here on The Homestead!

One beautiful day after church, my mom took us kids to a meadow where they raised cattle and showed us where we would be building a brand new home. Now, mind you this was long before the furniture store existed and my three brothers and I shared a room on the homestead. Sometimes the Lord shuts doors and sometime the lord just makes the hallway to the door longer. I’m sure my parents thought the door was shut so they put an upstairs on the old farmhouse. Their dream finally came true nearly two decades later and they built their dream home on that very spot!

The Home Frontier

Here you see the Frontier Set that  my mother designed where it was truly meant to be. Natural light pours in over the beautiful, rich, cherry wood showing off the rugged distressed look. I love that this set looks like it comes straight from the pages of a magazine dreamed up from a designer. We use this particular area many times for big family get together’s and with many years of use, it has held up wonderfully. At the time of ordering the white chairs we did not have stain resistant fabric so my mom had some slip covers made. She highly recommends Crypton and Revolution fabric now.

Sitting, tucked back in the corner is a great example of what our craftsman can create with a very specific look, area, and functional storage space. With the many windows in this house it leaves little wall space meaning you have to get a little creative. My mother Mary worked with Verlin Lambright of Townline Furniture to alter the Cheyenne Hutch to have small drawers for silverware and cloth napkins and leaf storage underneath all to fit in this tight spot. It matches the tables Golden Brown stain and Distressed look.

You will notice the Manitoba Bench sitting up against the wall, serving as a nice Under Window Accent. When the table is completely together will all the leaves it stretches to ten feet so the Manitoba Bench really comes in handy for the large family seating. All-in-all I cannot think of a more practical and beautiful space than Mary’s Dining Room.

Farmhouse Table

Island Dreams

I feel now, after looking at the two houses that the biggest difference is the open floor concept. So what do you do if you have a load bearing wall? Sell the farm to your son and do it over so that everyone is in the same room. Some things did stay the same for the new kitchen island like the pullout trash can but other than that, it has a functionality all of it’s own.


Two cubbies on either side of the trash can hold an assortment of cook books that lay a base for many scrumptious meals. No furniture store owner buys what is standard and no good cook goes by the book, so the cook books mostly just collect dust. The four small drawers are a perfect place for storing those randomly needed items like hot pads and birthday candles. There is an overhang on three sides allowing five seats for the everyday seating or overflow seating for the grandchildren.


Everything about this island is one of a kind but the shiplap sides and corbels set it off with the farmhouse look. Sitting on top is a live-edge slab of granite which ties the white painted island nicely with the distressed bar stools.

Sunset Studio

The wrap-around porch was a must have for my dad. Having the store was his passion but having his cows in his love. They act like pets as they come up to the fence and bawl for food. A covered patio hold a couple hand made swings that my brother Shawn milled himself. weather you want to see the sunrise, sunset, or stare are the stars on the pitch black meadow, you can do it all from right here. OOOOOklahoma where the winds come sweeping through the plains means everything gets carried off, so my parents knew only one thing makes sense for outdoor furniture. Poly-wood furniture


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