Let’s take pictures of the cows she said…it’ll be fun she said…

Dale grew up on a ranch, he has been around cattle for most of his life, and he loves them. He has delved into many different business ventures in his life but cattle have always been his passion. His father was a cattle rancher and has passed that on to his sons. So, while Dale owns Amish Crafted Furniture, and keeps things running smoothly for the business, when he gets home he has another job, tending to his cattle and all that entails. He doesn’t look at it as a job though, it’s something he enjoys and appreciates. The cows have learned the sound of his feed truck and know about the time of day that he will head out to feed them.

Early last spring Mary and her daughter-in-law, Abbey (our photographer) thought it would be a great idea to capture some photos of Dale’s beloved cows. They loaded up in Dale’s feed truck and headed out to the pasture (the cows were a ways out) Abbey was in the truck bed letting Mary know where to go to get “good angles” of the cows. She hopped out of the bed and prepared to capture some shots. The cows heard them and started towards the truck…most likely assuming they were about to be fed. As they started running towards the truck Abbey started to shoot and got some really good picture (as you can see) until the cows came a little too close for comfort…she hopped up as fast as she could afraid of being stampeded by a herd of hungry heifers! Back on the truck she went…moral of the story is…if you want to get good pictures take risks, be quick, and maybe don’t drive the truck the cattle recognize as food…we hope these pictures of Dales cows make your day a little brighter and help you find the good in each risk you take.