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Dimensions in inches:
*Berkley 48″ Bookcase no Doors: 15x40x48
*Berkley 48″ Bookcase with Doors : 15x40x48
*Berkley 60″ Bookcase no Doors: 15x40x60
*Berkley 60″ Bookcase with Doors: 15x40x60
*Berkley 72″ Bookcase no Doors: 15x40x72
*Berkley 72″ Bookcase with Doors: 15x40x72
*Berkley 84″ Bookcase no Doors: 15x40x84
*Berkley 84″ Bookcase with Doors: 15x40x84

Standard Featueres:
*Image shown is with doors option.

Wood Stains

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