Breckenridge File Cabinets $1,176.00$2,875.00
Breckenridge Wall Desk $2,761.00$4,280.00


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Dimensions in inches:
*Single Pedestal Rolltop Desk: 25x48x47 1/4
*Double Pedestal Rolltop Desk: 29x66x47 1/4

Standard Features:
Single Pedestal Rolltop Desk:
*One file drawer, two storage drawers, one pencil drawer and a pullout writing board in base. Top has two drawers and lots of paper slots. Drawers fit in all 6 slots.
Double Pedestal Rolltop Desk:
*Comes standard with 2 file drawers, 4 storage drawers, 2 writing boards and 1 pencil drawer in knee space. Rolltop has 4 drawers, various compartments for letters, paper and 2 small secret compartments.

Wood Stains

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