Rustic Leg Table
Farmers Table $1,006.00$2,597.00
Rustic Dining Table
Lake & Lodge Table $1,454.00$2,830.00


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Lake & Lodge Table
Available Sizes:
30″h x 36″Diameter, 42″ Diameter, 48″ Diameter
with up to 3 Leaves

Price includes Twig edge
Available without twig edge (-$9/ft.)

The Lake & Lodge Table combines fine craftsmanship and rustic appeal perfectly blend to create this awesome style. Each piece of furniture is crafted using steam bending techniques. No just steam bending anything but HICKORY TWIGS AND BRANCHES!!! Hickory wood being the hardest wood that we offer gives every piece of furniture unmatched strength and durability. Traditional joinery such as Mortis and Tennon is used to marry twigs together offering a visual appeal and reinforcing structure while allowing movement with seasonal shrinkage and swelling. Benches are carefully selected to serve each part of the furniture so that bark character, and knots compliment each other. Combining the bark look and pained/sanded surfaces gives each set a one of a kind look. Choose from our selection of woods and let your creation come to life. This is not just Log Cabin Furniture. A piece of Hickory Bark furniture can set off even more contemporary looks with a rugged industrial appeal.

The History
Steam bending has been around in America for a very long time but using Hickory wood in general lives famously through the settler’s wagon wheels and tools. After all what wood can you trust more with it’s quick growth and hardness than Hickory. Every sapling that is cut will re-grow in 3-5 years making it a most efficient renewable resource. Hickory was carried on through our past time from shovels to Louisville Sluggers and now your new bedroom set or end table.

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