The age-old shopping experience that engages all the senses.


Our furniture showroom is the biggest asset of our company. We try painstakingly to get our local community in our doors so that they can see, feel, and even smell the difference in our products. It’s a lot of work to make all that happen but working on our showroom is such a blessing that makes it all worthwhile. Our furniture is displayed in a meticulous manner to make sure every piece does not go unnoticed and unappreciated.

I know many people will purchase from us and never make it in our store. It may be that store fronts will phase out and no-one will walk in a showroom again; shopping, ordering, and having it delivered all from the living room. That may be a little easier for everyone involved but boy does that sound boring! We offer our customers a unique experience made up of our own flair to existing styles as well as exclusive styles that originated from our very own creativity.

I hope everyone get’s a chance to come visit us but for now, enjoy this gallery of our showroom as it is on Feb. 11th 2019.

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