Living in a society where everything including furniture is made to be disposable, products now are not made with quality and craftsmanship and only last a few years. I’m so happy to have found Amish Crafted Furniture and what they stand for, Made in the USA, real solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime and be a family heirloom for future generations. The quality and workmanship put into each piece of handcrafted furniture you will not find anywhere else. Being able to customize your own choice of wood type and stain makes for a perfect fit for each individuals interior preference. The whole team at Amish Crafted Furniture, Dale and Mary Yoder and family are professional and willing to assist you in making sure your buying experience is of utmost satisfaction! After purchasing several pieces for one of my rooms, I will never go back to “disposable” furniture buying again. I’m sold on Amish Crafted Furniture and plan to purchase more key pieces for my home in the future.”